Home Testimonials
Farrah H.

A lot of parents hear in-home daycare and get immediate images of a small, cramped house with a glorified babysitter in charge. That is NOT BCJ Family Childcare. Domitila has dedicated the first floor of her home to be a beautifully arranged space for the children. She also has a large back yard that is filled with toys for the children to enjoy. Domitila herself is a highly educated professional who has extensive experience in this field. She understands child development milestones and is willing to work with each child individually to bring out their true potential. She is also a whiz at keeping kids calm and in order. (I nicknamed her the baby whisperer.) My daughter spent two years (1-3 years old) in Domitila's care. During that time, she was nurtured both mentally and emotionally. Yes, she learned her numbers, the alphabet, colors, animals and was exposed to age-appropriate books, crafts and music. But she also felt safe. She would freely hug Domitila whenever she left and be happy to come back. Not to mention the emphasis on manners and cleanliness. Domitila had monthly themes and my daughter still talks about watching a caterpillar become a butterfly. Also, I firmly believe that my daughter rarely got sick because of how clean Domitila keeps that space and how firmly hygiene standards are followed. The only reason we left the daycare was because we moved a good 45 minutes away. I would put my daughter and future children in Domitila's care in a heart beat. She is one of the things I sorely miss from where I used to live. Given how many times my daughter asks about her, I can tell she misses her too. If you're looking for a place to nurture your child and give you peace of mind, I wouldn't hesitate to call BCJ Childcare.

Jimmy E.

BCJ Family Childcare has been a blessing for my family. My daughter has been attending BCJ for the last 18 months (1.5-3 years old), and it has been an absolute pleasure. The individual attention the children receive is evident from the get-go. In this time at BCJ, she has learned her numbers, colors, alphabet, and can even write her own name! If you are looking for childcare in this area, look no further than BCJ Family Childcare.

Nancy B.

BCJ has exceeded my expectations. I was anxious about leaving my infant for the first time but Domitila put my fears at ease. She welcomed my daughter with open arms. You can tell how much she loves the children and treats my daughter like one of her own children. The first time I dropped my daughter off at daycare I asked if the other children arrived yet. She said "Yes, they are right over there." while pointing to the room directly next to me. The children were quietly eating snack at the table. I couldn't believe how well-behaved the children were acting. My daughter is only 8 months but has already learned so much from Domitila-how to hold a bottle, wave good-bye, and eat cereal-just to name a few. One of the greatest feelings that a mother can have is watching her daughter get a big smile on her face when she arrives at daycare and a big smile when she is picked up. Do yourself a favor and stop your search with BCJ Childcare. I promise that you won't be sorry.

Beth M.

BCJ Family Childcare is a wonderful in-home daycare that combines a nurturing environment while instilling curiosity, creativity and skills that you wouldn't find in a traditional daycare. Domitila does an unbelievable job at tailoring curriculum to each child (she never has more than 7 at one time) while still keeping them all engaged and happy. I was stunned the first time I went to pick up my then 1 year old and 3 year old after a day with Domitila. They were sitting quietly at a table with a few other kids, ages 1-5 and flipping through books. They hugged her goodbye and have every day since we started there almost two years ago. I couldn't be happier!